Friday, December 28, 2012

Vibramax absolutely awesome!

Dec 23, 2012,   22 degrees. Water 39.  and guess what?
Their still bitting.  Caught 10 3in the 4LB range.  Vibramax absolutely awesome.


I'm not a competition angler seeking sponsorship or asking for a donation to charity of any sort. I would just like a moment of your time to give thanks to Venom Lures Co. I'm an avid bass angler. I focus on Aep. Recreational grounds in the Cumberland Ohio area,primarily during the cooler months of the year. I can remember when some of the lakes were first opened to the public.I've been at it for a while. There are 350 ponds and lakes scattered across a vast 34,000 plus acres on Aep. Grounds. It has consist of a lot of hard work and dedication ,in narrowing down my search for the most secluded, non-pressured lakes that produce the class size bass that I have been seeking over the years. With that huge task behind me... I then applied the same work ethic into figuring out what presentation was going to produce the big-strikes consistently . I've tried several different techniques on a variety of other name brand lures and plastics. Not denying the fact that other brands catch fish as well,but......not with the consistency of the Venom Lures 4"salt series tube bait.This tube is a phenom in the Cumberland area aep lakes ,particularly during the colder months of the year.It has been key in my angling success, witch is why....I am taking time to give thanks to those who are putting the same hard work and dedication into manufacturing such an amazing product. 

                          Thank you Venom Lures!
                            Staff and employees
                          Keep up the great work!

                              Corneilus M. Harris

Monday, December 3, 2012