Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Bass Catch

Hello Dave , with water temps starting to drop" the number of strikes will drop and quality in size will go up" on the aep waters, and that's what I've been waiting on! 

Venom plastics have continued to aid In building great angling memories on the waters. These are a couple of our scaly friends that fell victim to the Venom dream crawl which has produced bass all summer long. 

With the cold water season soon approaching the 4" salt series tube will definitely be a go to. I've had a chance to share just how productive Venom Lures can be, doing guides through the Hocking Hills Adventure Trek and trust me .... I've seen some smiles with fish in hand using Venom Lures product , and it's really a kool feeling to share with somebody "what you know is gonna work !"

Keep up the Great work Venom Lures!

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