Thursday, November 29, 2012

Outcast Bass Anglers

Outcast Bass Anglers had our Classic on the Mohawk River in upstate NY. The top ten anglers for the year qualify for the Classic. I finished second for the year in the AOY race. I don't like second and was on a mission. I arrived on Friday for one day of practice. Not knowing the 10 mile section of river I covered as much water as possible looking for fish and options. I got on some quality fish and probably had 17lbs. for the day.

On day 1 one I put the first few fish in the box on a spinner bait and a jerkbait. A small SWEET DREAMS on a jighead also put a keeper in the well. I found some trees on an outside channel bend that looked promising considering that I like wood in the fall and most wood I found was on extremely shallow flats. This one tree fell into 10 fow. I picked up my VENOM 3/8 BLACK AND BLUE JIG and pitched it to the outside limb. Got a small tick and set the hook. In a minutes I had my hands gripping a 5.13 largie. This would be tx. lunker. I weighed 16.03 for the day 1 lead. Up by over 4lbs. I was some what confident going into Sunday.

On day 2 it was only 33 degrees out and the water dropped to 49.5. This was a 3 degree drop. I could manage 1 keeper on the spinner bait along with huge pickerels and a walleye. I knew I had to change. I stuck a 4.8 lb largie on a spider in 12 ft.. I then ran to a small island that butts up to the channel. I flipped my VENOM JIG to some of the only "good" grass I could find and stuck a smallie just shy of 3 lbs.. On the channel side I hit a keeper largie on the VENOM JIG. Knowing the guy in 2nd was on fish I knew I needed another good one. With 7 minutes to go I find a tree on a rock point with 8 feet on it. I throw the VENOM JIG to the biggest limb and my line swims off. A 3 1/2 lb. largie helps me get rid of a 1.05 from the well. I weigh 13.8 lbs. on day 2.

I finished up just shy of 30 lbs. for the 2 days and claimed the top spot as Classic Champ by over 8 lbs!

Just want to thank Venom Lures for great products and a great jig that is already winning tournaments and putting lunkers in the boat!

Mike Wiltshire

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